God – Jesus and Evil in the World

We are ONE World - Let us love one another as Jesus our Lord commanded
We are ONE World – Let us love one another as Jesus our Lord commanded

Bill Maher whom has a show on HBO called Real Time with Bill Maher has said God is a murderer and guilty of genocide in the Old Testament.

 Many Theologians in our day and time believe and teach God is the one who is in control of evil and sends suffering.

This teaching is the darkness of Dark Angel. God and Jesus are working to end the dominion of Dark Angel. One day Dark Angel will be no more.

The Apostle Paul says we are to be fellow workers with God. God and Jesus do not take us over and force us to do anything or in any way make us suffer.

Whether we obey God and Jesus is up to us.

The Apostle Paul says we are to be a co-worker with God as an ambassador of His son Jesus our Lord.

We are to be active in the ministry of reconciliation as an ambassador of Jesus our Lord. If we have been given a gift ministry, we are to work with Jesus to build up The Church of His Body.

When the people in the Old Testament obeyed God and repented the people were built up and protected by God. God and Jesus are our Shield in our day and time.

God is the most powerful force in the Cosmos.

God is righteous and just. Dark Angel can perpetuate his evil because he has free will. People whom make free will choices contrary to the Heart of God can be subject to the evil of Dark Angel.

Dark Angel tries to cause suffering and evil upon all mankind. He could not kill Job because Job was righteous before God. Dark Angel tried to get Job to curse God. Job did not and was delivered by God from the suffering caused by Dark Angel.

God and Jesus nor Dark Angel use us or force us to do anything. We have free will.

God and Jesus seek justice in the earth. When we disobey God and Jesus, we reap the consequences of our disobedience.
It is written – the last enemy to be destroyed is death I Corinthians 15:26

Our actions are not predetermined. We have free will. Dark Angel has free will.

So the question is – Is God a Murderer???

God gave birth to Jesus our Lord to destroy the works of Dark Angel.

The Apostle Peter states God anointed Jesus His son with holy spirit – a spirit of power – and Jesus in his ministry worked to free people from the power of Dark Angel.

The Apostle Paul says God thru Jesus has rescued us from the power of Dark Angel by giving us spiritual birth of the gift of holy spirit which is not a spirit of fear but of power.

We live in this world which is under the dominion of Dark Angel, the “god” of this world. We are to cast off the works of Darkness and put on the Armor of Light”: Romans 13:12.

It is our choice. God and Jesus do not control us, they do not use us and they do not predetermine what we are going to do in our day to day life. They do their best to light our way. Dark Angel does his best to darken our way. We choose our way.

Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship with Integrity, Love & Courage

James R Cathey, ThD PhD
Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975



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