Light Today TUE 22 APR 2014

Growing Together as the ONE Church of His Body - The Light of the World
Growing Together as the ONE Church of His Body – The Light of the World

#LightToday: When we are born of the seed of the woman our Mother, we are just a human being. We do not have holy spirit. If our parents have us baptized in a fellowship as a baby – this baptism is a dip of water on our forehead. This baptism does not give us spiritual birth of holy spirit. The apostle Paul is very emphathic – When we as an adult believe God raised Jesus from the dead and Confess Jesus is Lord, meaning Lord of the Cosmos then at this moment we receive spiritual birth of holy spirit administered to us by Jesus. Man cannot administer the gift of holy spirit – only Jesus our Lord when we follow Romans 10: 9 & 10. God is the author of our salvation – not Jesus. When Jesus died he died to ratify the New Covenant for Israel. God deserves our recognition of whom He is – the ONLY ONE True God of Israel in the Cosmos whom is Spirit. Jesus was born a human being – did not receive holy spirit until he was baptized by John the baptist with water and God gave him the gift of holy spirit. Jesus is alive now forever in an immortal human body.  The day of Pentecost is the birthday of The Church of His Body Jesus our Lord by the grace of the ONE True God of Israel.
Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship
James R Cathey ThD PhD
Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord


since 1975

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