The Birth of The Messiah of God


We can thank the Magi who came to see him who was born a king and the exactness of astronomy for being able to pinpoint the exact day and place Jesus was born. Wordlight research reveals Jesus was born on Tishri 1, September 11, 3 B.C. We have the light of Levitus 23 showing us the Feast of Tabernacles. Tishri in Leviticus 23: 23-25 is a memorial commemorated with the blowing of trumpets, an holy convocation. This blowing of the trumpets and horns on Tishri 1 was also part of the coronation ceremony for a new king! We have light from II Kings 11:12-14 that all the people of the land rejoiced when the king was crowned, and there was blowing of trumpets! The reign of King David began on Tishri 1, marking the occasion as the beginning of a new civil year. Josephus the Judean (Jewish) historian who wrote the “War of the Jews” – gives us the light that Tishri 1 during the time Jesus was born marked the beginning of a new year for business and agriculture.

Tishri 1 is regarded as the Jewish New Year’s Day! On this day at the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem to celebrate the memorial of Jehovah God as King over all as the One True God, trumpets and horns were blown the entire day!

The star the Magi observed and followed in its course in the heavens pinpointed for them the time and place of the birth of a “King”. The Magi or wisemen were convinced by the movement of the stars that a king was being born in “Judea”. Research reveals that on August 12, 3 B.C, at 5 pm, Jupiter and Venus came into conjunction. Jupiter is regarded as the “King” planet and Venus expresses the “Bright and Morning Star” – a title of the Messiah of God. We submit the light Jesus is the only King-Priest and the only Messiah of the ONE True God of Israel in the history of the world – and that he forgave people their sins against God. We have the light the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus took place in Leo, designated for Judah as the sign of the lion. Wordlight research reveals the light of Genesis 49:  The prophecy that the Messiah of God was to come from Judah as the “King” of Israel.

Wordlight research reveals the light the Magi who came seeking a new born “King” were descendants of a group whom were taught the meaning of the stars according to the blessings given to the children of Israel as their “Birthright”. We have the light this biblical astronomy was taught the Magi by the prophet Daniel when he was  Ain capitivity in Babylonia. We have the light of Daniel 5:11 that Daniel was “Master of the Magi,astrologers, Chaldeans and Soothsayers”.

The Magi faithful to the light given by Daniel had during the time of the birth of Jesus the knowlege of the stars and it was this knowledge that prompted them to travel to find the “King of the Judeans” – Matthew 2:1-2. The Magi saw according to astronomical tables a massing of planets in conjunction with Leo on August 27, 2 B.C. In conjunction were Jupiter and Mars with Mercury and Venus and this conjunction signified to them the birth of a Messiah King. Regulus is known as the brightest star of the constellation Leo. this strongly convinced the Magi a “King” was being born in the time-frame of the prophecy of Daniel. Regulus is called the “King” star!

The light of the Scriptures shows us the events between the witness of the Magi to King Herod concerning the birth of a “King” – which was at least a year from the time they first observed the evidence of the imminent birth of a “KIng” and left their homeland to confirm this birth and the movement of the planets they observed as they traveled points to the time of the birth of the Messiah of God being in September, 3. B.C. , with the conjunction of Jupiter the “King” planet and Regulus the “King” star. The day of the birth of Jesus is pinpointed as September 11, 3 B.C.  The light given us about Jesus in Revelation 12 shows us the sun and moon activity occurred between 6:18pm and 7:39pm Israeli time in which Virgo, the woman, was clothed with the sun and the moon rested under her feet. On this day, Jupiter and Regulus came into conjunction just before dawn. Chronological charts show September 11, 3 B.C. was on a Wednesday. On that evening at 6pm began the first day of Tishri. The Hebrew calendar proves that the new year begins on the evening that the new moon appears. This gives us conclusive evidence Jesus was born on September 11, 3 B.C. between 6:18pm and 7:39pm on the first day of Tishri: the first day of the Feast of Taberacles – The Day of Atonement!

The “star” of the Messiah of God – the planet Jupiter – confirmed to the Magi that Bethlehem was indeed the city of the birth of the Messiah after they left Jerusalem.. The Magi saw the planet before them. The planet was progressing toward the meridian or horizon shortly before sunrise. It is a consensus among scholars that the Magi saw the planet Jupiter over Bethlehem between December 4, 2 B.C., and early January, 1 B.C. This coincides with the death of Herod and gives us the light how the Magi or “wisemen” saw a young child in a “house” according to Matthew 2:9.

We have the light of the prophecy of Micah 5:2 that Bethlehem was to be the birth place of the “Messiah of God”. Wordlight research and astronomy reveals the Magi whom were faithful in looking for the signs of the one to be born a “king” were rewarded for their diligence and their journey gives us the proof that Jesus was indeed born in the city of Bethlehem.
We submit that Jesus is the Messiah of God in that he fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel concerning the coming of the messiah to the exact day. We submit
that at the time Jesus was crucified that the Sanhedrin leaders were strongly convinced Jesus was the Messiah of God when he fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel on the day he rode into Jerusalem upon a donkey and was hailed as a king by the people. They wanted Jesus to prove he was really the Messiah of God by forcing him to prove it by saving himself from death by crucifixion at the hands of the Romans and delivering the nation of Israel from the oppression of the Romans.

We submit the light Jesus gave his life to ratify the New Covenant for Israel.  God accepted the sacrifice of the life of Jesus as peace between Him and all mankind and made reconciliation and spiritual fellowship by spiritual birth of holy spirit available for all mankind on the day of Pentecost;We submit the light that in the course of human events the One True God is going to send His only begotten son Jesus back to earth. This is known as the “second coming”. Before he returns there will be many signs in the heavens and the earth – Matthew 24:29-31. Angels will announce his coming and gather together the nation of Israel.
When he comes “every eye shall see” Jesus coming back to earth – Matthew 24:30, Revelation 1:7. When Jesus returns as “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords”, he will fulfill the “Covenants of God” and complete his role as the Messiah of Mankind. Amen.

Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship 
James R Cathey ThD PhD
Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975

Growing Together as the ONE Church of His Body - The Light of the World
Growing Together as the ONE Church of His Body – The Light of the World


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