Isaiah 9:6

Creation Movie A Matter of Faith in Theaters 26 SEP 2014Greetings in the love of God our Father and Jesus our Lord and the Bonds of Spiritual Fellowship we have by our spiritual birth of holy spirit: 
I too have seen a lot of ancient scrolls.

God is referring to the reign of His son Jesus on the throne of King David in Isaiah 9:6 
Jesus our Lord in a coming age of his reign on the throne of King David in Jerusalem will be called the father of that time.  God tells us Jubal was the father of those whom live in tents and raise livestock.  Genesis 4:20 
Jesus as the Messiah of Israel will usher in a new age of his rulership upon the throne of King David.  He will be a mighty ruler.  Jesus was acting with the authority of God in his ministry to Israel when he sacrificed his life to ratify the New Covenant.  Isaiah is foretelling of the time when the Messiah of God will be a mighty ruler.  Martin Luther translated mighty god as a mighty hero. 
Isaiah 9:6 refers to Yahweh’s appointed ruler whom will rule in a coming age on the throne of King David.  God is eternal with no beginning or end.  Jesus had a beginning-his birth.  Jesus is going to reign of the throne of David as Yahweh promised King David. The Messiah of Yahweh the promised seed is the Son of David and Isaiah 9:7 says the government will be upon his shoulders and that Jesus the Messiah of God is also the Son of David and a Son of Man because he was born a human being, not literally God in the flesh.  Yahweh is eternal and cannot die because He is Spirit.  Jesus born a man has not ever been spirit nor angel – he is now alive forevermore in an immortal human body which he will give to us at the gathering together the Apostle Paul reveals to us.  The Apostle Paul clearly states there is to us only ONE True God, God the Father. 1 Corinthians 8:6 
When YOU do not mishandle the logos God has given us YOU cannot say Jesus is God or God the Son and that the gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit which is a new creation inside us the moment we believe God raised Jesus from the dead and Confess Jesus is Lord is God the Holy Spirit.  Only Yahweh alone is the Holy Spirit and it was His power that created seed in Mary. 
I am an ordained minister of Jesus our Lord and Yahweh and Jesus bear witness to the truth thru our spiritual birth of holy spirit Jesus has given us whom believe by baptism which has replaced water baptism since the day of Pentecost. 
James R Cathey ThD, PhD Systematic Theology

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