John 1:14 Jesus and the Word of God

god-and-jesus-keep-their-wordJohn 1:14 
And the word was made flesh, 
and dwelt among us, 
and we beheld his glory, 
the glory of the only begotten of the Father, 
full of grace and truth.
The word was the revealed word to Adam and Eve that one born of the seed of a woman would be born to destroy the work of the Adversary of God when the Adversary usurped the relationship between God and Adam and Eve. 
John here is saying that Jesus is of divine origin.  Jesus was begotten of God when the spirit of God created seed in Mary, Mary conceived and Jesus was born. 
John Chapter 1, verses 1-13 give us the light that the word was with God in His foreknowledge before the foundation of the world.
God made the heavens and the earth by His God-breathed word which was fulfilled by the power of God by His spirit. 
God formed man of the ground. 
God made man a living soul – the life of the soul is in the blood.
God created holy spirit within Adam and Eve. 
Lucifer caused Adam and Eve to lose their spiritual relationship with God.
God revealed He would cause one to be born to restore spiritual fellowship. 
God made a covenant with Abraham. 
God gave Israel His word through His prophets.
Isaiah 43:10 
God says through His prophet Isaiah that His people Israel are His witnesses and my servant whom I have chosen:  That you may know and believe me, and understand that I am He:  before me there was NO God formed, neither shall there be after me.
Isaiah states that God alone is the only ONE True God. 
Jesus was born to destroy the works of darkness aka the works of Lucifer the Adversary of God whom sought to usurp God from His Throne in His kingdom in heaven.


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