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god-and-jesus-are-the-truth-and-they-will-prevail-against-dark-angel#Today SUN 4 FEB 2018 #WordlightFellowship The Eternal Spirit alone is God. Trinitarians accept the Bible as the word of God. I don’t think they believe God nor Jesus our Lord. Jesus has told us God is Spirit. Spirit cannot become a man. The Apostle Paul says Jesus is a man, the only man who is our mediator with God. The Messiah of God was born a human being and just a human being. The Messiah of God was names Jesus.  Jesus is alive forevermore in an immortal human body.

Jesus is not God the Son. God the Son is nowhere stated by God in His Word. What is stated is that Jesus was born of divine origin(the word of God is divine – the word of God is NOT A PERSON), Jesus had pure blood and was obedient unto death to ratify the New Covenant with his pure blood, Jesus died and God raised Jesus from the dead and God appointed him both the Messiah and Lord.

God is ONE. ONE equals ONE – not 2 or 3. The gift of spiritual birth of holy spirit is the power of God – This gift of holy spirit is not a person. The gift of holy spirit from God is incorruptible seed inside of us-1Peter 1:23. By definition, a gift is not a person.

God is an entity in Himself. He is the only ONE Eternal Spirit. Trinitarians ignore the meaning of words as used by God. The logic of Trinitarians contradict the words of God. Trinitarians are truly ignorant of spiritual matters and are not trustworthy because instead of changing from a lie to the truth, they continue to perpetuate the lies of Darkness that began in the 3rd century.
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