Yahweh alone is Almighty God

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We have to say a vocabulary and words

not in the Bible to explain The Trinity.

Answer: From Wordlight Fellowship USA,

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First, If God has not stated it in His word

it is darkness from the Adversary.

Second, Jesus said God is Spirit. In the Old

Testament there is only Yahweh who alone is God.  There is no other God.

Yahweh is Almighty God .

Yahweh is the ONE True God.

Yahweh is the ONE Eternal Spirit.

God is monotheistic and is ONE – NOT 3 in

one.   Yahweh is only ONE.

Yahweh alone is God.

Yahweh is the God and Father of the Lord


Yahweh has exalted and appointed Jesus

both the Messiah and Lord

A Critical Exegesis of the God-Breathed

Word given to us by Yahweh:

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God and His Messiah

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Integrity, Love and Courage
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