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Greetings in the love of God the Father, His son the Lord Jesus and the bonds of spiritual fellowship we have by our baptism of holy spirit.

The Wordlight Research Fellowship is committed to the light of THE FAITH as revealed to us by God in His Word.  

The Wordlight Research Fellowship researches the biblical manuscripts and expounds the light of THE FAITH revealed in these manuscripts. 

There is no darkness that proceeds from God and therefore there is no darkness in His word.

God does not contradict Himself.  His son Jesus nor the Apostle Paul contradict God.

The Wordlight Research Fellowship diligently seeks the light of the revealed word by examining ancient Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew texts, figures of speech, oriental customs and mannerisms, history, astronomy and archaeology.

The Biblical texts are not written in English.  They were written in the East not the West.  A casual reader of a version of the written word of God will find it difficult to arrive at the truth because so many versions have changed the actual written Word of God.  It is our desire and consider it our duty as researchers to bring forth the light of THE FAITH according to what God has revealed to us through His written word.

His Word is our Spiritual Birthright and our Armor of Light.  

The Apostle Paul has given us the light that it is our responsibility to “Cast off the works of darkness and put on the Armor of Light”.   Romans 13:12, Ephesians 6

You are encouraged to partake of this unbiased and detailed research to establish the light of our Spiritual Birthright and our unity as ONE Body of Christ by our baptism of holy spirit.

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